Agricultiva: improving food security and nutrition in Angola

Agricultiva: improving food security and nutrition in Angola.

Agricultiva intends to solve an Angolan important problem: the significant food insecurity and the poor quality or nutritional value of the food.

Some practical activities, are in place to address that problem: design and development of farms, building and reconstruction of agro-industrial production centers, operation and maintenance to ensure farm sustainability, capacity building for farmers, guidance and training.

As a result, Agricultiva intend impact is to increase the availability and access to quality and nutritional valued food produce to populations, therefore supporting social and economic growth in the region.

Some important facts of this project are: over 1800 farmers and smallholders engaged in training sessions and improving their farming techniques, 5 farms in operation with innovative agro-livestock technologies, 3000 Hc of cultivated area, 300 Hc irrigated area and 780 jobs created.

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