who we are and what we do

We are a global impact investor specialised in large-scale, long-term projects that provide solutions to the world’s many complex challenges.

Our portfolio companies contribute to national economic growth, helping to realise the opportunities for sustainable development that expertise in sectors such as: green technology, biotechnology, agriculture, housing, water, energy, telecom and education.



For the past 17 years, Jorge has been responsible for setting up and managing organisations as well as identifying opportunities to invest and giving Return on Investment to his shareholders and partners. Mitrelli is his stronger business case where he did a co-management buy out, becoming a partner in 2013. Jorge is a passionate for making social impact, regionally and globally.

Our  purpose

While fostering sustainable development in a impact investment basis we seek a balance between:

Humans and the environmental wellbeing

Innovations and cultural traditions delivered as solutions

Global and local applied knowledge to address complex challenges

Economic growth and long-term social development