For the second year, Gamila Riar, the founder of Gamila Secrets, won the 'Jasmine Award', an honors attribute to women whose contributions are impacting the life of women in Israel socially and economically for her incentive to women empowrment through entrepreneurship activities at Gamila Secrets' activities.

Currently,2.500 women per year are participating in lectures about women empowerment and entrepreneurship given by Gamila Riar at Gamila Secrets factory in Israel.Besides, Gamila Secrets offers marketing course offered to 15 staff members and entrepreneurs women from Galilee region.

Jasmine is the leading Israeli Non-for-Profit Organization, managed by women, for women, and it is dedicated to promoting social and economic change for businesses owned by Jewish and Arab women from all sectors, religions and socioeconomic strata in Israel. That's in order to enable women to participate to the fullest extent possible in the Israeli economy, elevating the status of women, advancing Israel’s economy, strengthening the Israeli society as a whole and to foster coexistence between Jews and Arabs. Jasmine nurtures and empowers the economic and professional development of women business owners and helps them expand and strengthen their business, and become an important part of the Israeli labor force.

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