Gamila Hiar grew up in harmony with the peoples coming from Muslim, Christian, Jewish and his own religion, the Druze. It is in this atmosphere of peace that a woman develops ahead of her time and her traditions. While following her tradition, during her youth, Gamila traveled on foot across most of the State of Israel in search of information on the healing capacity of herbs and oils found in her country and how to put them at the service of the people. This was considered a very an unusual attitude for women by that time and she has faced important social resistance for pursuing her goals.

As result of that long and meaningful journey, Gamila was able to gather not only a empirical, but also a scientific knowledge what she calls: “The Secret of Gamila” which in fact is a harmonious combination of the elements of nature to deliver what a skin needs to preserve its health and beauty.

This Secret is “the raison d'être” of her brand. But it also nourish Gamila’s rare personal values: a strong social leadership for feminine emancipation, a culture of peace and collaboration in a world of conflict. Gamila transform her values into an transferable asset to her brand’s mission: to enhance social inclusion in gender equality for Druze (Arabic) women living in Northen Israel.

In practice, the company Gamila Secrets has been committed to empower local women through capacity building, therefore generating more employability opportunities for them. Some practical examples on this commitment are: the work courses provided to employees and non-employees, the grants donated to universities to increase the access of young students in higher level studies, and also through Gamila’s personal mentoring and leadership in diverse women’s associations.

Because of her personal and team commitment, dozens of women in its small village have been empowered and financially emancipated, an unusual feature in the Arab culture. Also, the partnerships with universities and other nonprofit organizations through grants to enhance scholarships opportunities are ensuring that women students can built a better future in that reality.

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