Lossambo Schools: aiming to provide children with high quality education.

The schools were designed and implemented by Focus Education, aming to solve a complex issue in Huambo province: the need for schools and kindergartens in a new suburban neighborhood (new centrality) built outside this province capital.

For achieving this, Focus Education built in six facilities new nurseries, kindergartens, and primary and secondary schools. In addition, the company recruited new local staff: school directors, educators and administration and capacitated teachers.

Up to this date, Focus Education fully equiped the schools to with capacity to teach 4580 students of all levels from primary to secondary.

The infrastructure of the whole project includes:
• 2 nurseries and kindergartens (for children up to 2 years old / 3-6 years old): 28 rooms • 1 kindergarten (for children 3-6 years old): 6 rooms • 2 primary schools: 36 classrooms • 1 secondary school: 12 classrooms • Teaching and administration staff of 380 people locally trained • IT equipment in all school units • Support facilities, namely: kitchens and laundries, in the kindergartens.

All six schools have access facilities for people with disabilities: smooth (no steps) entries into buildings, toilets for the disabled, and first floor access to all rooms and wide corridors.

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